Patient Testimonials

Richardson Testimonial Nov16

Spine surgery has absolutely improved my life 100%. Dr. Richardson is the man! He did two of my back surgeries and I always return to 100%. The overall care from all the people who work @ San Antonio Spine Center is Top Class!!! 5 Stars!

P. Gonzales

I can sit and walk much better thanks to my spine surgery. The best experience of my treatment was the compassion & caring of the Physician Assistant.

E. Reyna

Spine surgery has given my life back! The kind office, the caring-ness of both Dr. Richardson and the Physician Assistant, and the joy and laughter in the office was the best experience. I would tell my friends and/or that spine surgery was the only way I could get relief from the pain I was experiencing. It is worth investigating to see if it is a viable option for them.

L. Cruz

Spine surgery has improved my life! The San Antonio Spine Center and its team have been supportive, courteous, and helpful throughout my spine surgery process. If a family member/friend was curious about surgery, I would recommend San Antonio Spine Center and of course Dr. Kevin Richardson.

R. Rodriguez

Spine surgery has lessened my pain and improved my mobility. Dr. Richardson has an honest approach to care and fully understanding of concerns.

M. Proske

Spine surgery has improved my life. Best experience with San Antonio Spine Center is that I am always seen on time.

E. Villarreal

Dr. Richardson uniquely combines his 2nd to none skill set as a surgeon with an incredibly approachable and personable connection with his patients. His knowledge makes me feel comfortable as he has helped me to understand my body and the damage it incurred. He performed an L5-S1 fusion on me in May of 2013 with the most proven techniques available. His skill, precision and care have literally given me back my life. I am a 45-year-old man who still exercises daily and am now able to continue all the things I enjoyed pre-injury. Once injured I thought my days of adventure were over, but Dr. Richardson assured me I could once again live a full life, and he delivered on that promise! I have regained my ability to do pretty much whatever I want, from backpacking (carrying a 60 lbs pack) to rock climbing and any other adventure I can dream up.

Thank you Dr. Richardson! Patient Testimonial 2015-9-02

A smiling face can ease the pain, and laughter can take it away. Thanks for making me better. Patient Testimonial 2015-10-20

Great spirit and very professional yet friendly. He cares. Patient Testimonial 2015-10-20

Great service! Patient Testimonial 2015-08-04

Dr Richardson is awesome Patient Testimonial 2015-07-21

Professionalism great very pleasant Patient Testimonial 2015-07-21

Professionalism great very pleasant and informative explanations excellent. Patient Testimonial 2015-07-21

Great surgeon but even better is his bedside manner. Patient Testimonial 2015-07-21

Thank you for your help you guys are very professional. Patient Testimonial 2015-07-21

Great first visit Patient Testimonial 2015-04-16

Dr was very personable and cared about my physical condition Patient Testimonial 2015-04-16

Call me sometime one of the best docs I’ve ever seen Patient Testimonial 2015-03-30

Very impressive Patient Testimonial 2015-03-19

Call me sometime one of the best docs I’ve ever seen Patient Testimonial 2015-03-19

Very impressive Patient Testimonial 2015-03-17

Very satisfied with the way I was treated, may God bless you and thank you for everything. Patient Testimonial 2015-03-10

Dr. Richardson and his staff are friendly, professional, and caring. There is no other surgeon I would recommend as highly for spinal issues. Patient Testimonial 2015-03-05

I love Dr Richardson, he’s so down to earth and shows empathy for my condition. Also I really like Annie, she’s very smart and helpful when it comes to all my paperwork that is involved with my situation. Patient Testimonial 2015-03-05

Dr. Richardson is always quick and thorough. He is incredibly straightforward and genuinely cares for his patients. Patient Testimonial 2015-03-05

Thanks for your excellent communication skills! Patient Testimonial 2015-03-05

Thanks for your excellent communication skills! Patient Testimonial 2015-03-05

Excellent visit. Very clear and concise in medical information. Very nice. Patient Testimonial 2015-03-03

Great care Patient Testimonial 2015-02-26